Thursday, December 2, 2010

I’m not usually vocal about political issues and such things but this one has both me and my hubby TJ a little ticked.

Now you may ask why that would have us upset. Are we producers, dealers, or even users of meth? Of course not and would never even consider it. So why the issue for us. It actually ties in to the rising cost of health care and how my little family is in a situation I bet most families are in.

We are a one income household. Now this does mean we live paycheck to paycheck and don’t get to have a lot of extras. We do have health insurance through my job, I am a state employee (which means Gov Nixon is my top boss). But with ever increasing premiums, co-pays, and deductibles we basically have health insurance we can’t use. Now we do go for our free check-ups/physicals/vaccines but we have a triage system for deciding who can and for what the doctor is visited. Now thankfully for the most part we are all pretty healthy. I do have asthma and fibromylagia but manage both with OTC meds. Now we do all have seasonal allergies and of course occasionally get colds. If Gov Nixion has his way we would no longer be able to shell out $10ish for OTC meds for these minor health issues but instead would have two choices, to shell out $30 co-pay to Dr plus a med co-pay of $5 or $10 dollars or suffer and hope home remedies work. We all know the people who they are trying to stop will find other ways or other drugs, so as far as I am concerned families like mine are the only people who will suffer.

So are we in the minority by not being able to afford to use our health insurance? Am I wrong in thinking this is something that would just make the meth-heads change to a different way to make their meth or a different drug altogether? Anyone else care to weigh in and share their thoughts?

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djpr said...

Nope, I've got healthcare coverage I can't use too. Last visit to the ER where they tried to KILL me....literally....tallied up to almost 20,000. Yeah right, you're SO getting that. Not. Health care is out of control. Not sure it's ever going back to the good ol' days either.