Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Minute and More Love Monday

Join the fun with Cristy for Monday Minute!

(1) Who is your favorite actor? Curently I love Gerard Butler. I am really enjoing his movies lately and the accent + his body don’t hurt.

(2) Do you collect anything? Americana d├ęcor - I became obsessed with it in my teens in part to being born in the year of the bi-centinial

(3) What's the biggest turn off in someone of the opposite sex? Too cocky and or controlling. You are not better then me and you are not my boss.

(4) If you HAD to change your first name, what would you change it to and why? I would love to not have a name that was so popular during my generation but haven’t really thought much about what name I would prefer. Maybe Miranda, close but not as over used.

(5) What virtue is better: forgiveness or justice? I’d have to say for my own mental health I have learned it is important for me to forgive injustices toward myself in order to move on past the hurt and anger.

Then head on over and share the love with Katie!


Birgit said...

Love the last one_forgibve yourself and not be injust with yourself-wonderful!

eof777 said...

Loving yourself is key... great point. Stopping by and following your blog from the More Love Monday blog hop...
Have a happy holiday season!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

- Robson