Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yikes what a long night.

Wow, someone please remind me to never plan my first day back at work after a vacation to fall on the last day of the month. End of month change-over is hell enough normally but when you are trying to get back in the groove after two weeks off it fully sucks. Last night was full of running my ass off and tons of paper work from the time I walked in till quitting time. Enough whining bout that.

Next complaint, who the HELL ordered freezing temps in Mid-MO, because I so did not approve it. This is the time of year I would give anything to be back in San Antonio. May need to do a vacation there sometime in the near future as Corbin keeps asking to go for a visit.

We have now completed 3 full days of potty training and so far it is going about how I expected: several accidents a day, occasional successes (of which we TOTALLY make a big deal out of), and he is seeming to get the idea and thinks he is so cool when he goes.

This school year with Corbin has been so different then in the past. She seems to have flipped, her behavior issues are almost nil while her grades aren’t what they have been in the past. I’m just not sure what to do to help her get it together (most of the grades issue has to do with disorganization, both hers and the teachers). I am even more worried now about what happens next year when she moves to middle school and has to adjust to multiple teachers within each school day.

Ok now that I have a handful of followers and seriously plan to get more involved in my blogging, I need some topic ideas, or maybe a meme or two to get my juices flowing and help ya’ll get to know me better. Also I know I have an old life story somewhere so I will try to resurrect it and up date it to share.


Celeste said...

The day back after a vacation/break always seems to be the worst. I hope things are going a little better for you!

sara said...

Finally got my butt over here!

Here's a link to a good meme/getting to know you/post idea deal that Nerdy Katie is doing. It a post a day for 30 days, each one is a question you have to answer about yourself...good stuff.