Wednesday, December 8, 2010

life story part 4

And an update or part 4 of my story.

Shortly after that LJ entry Corbin and I headed down to San Antonio, TX where we started out staying with my grandparents. They were able to loan me a car till I was able to buy it from them and give us a place to stay while I got on my feet. When I left TJ and I had planned that once I was settled he would join me. In April 2005 he did just that.

That summer David got out of prison, again, and was living with his grandmother. We started talking and making plans to file for a non-contested divorce. In early September after not being able to reach David for awhile regarding sending him the paperwork, I tried calling his grandmother. When she returned my call she told me David had been shot and was on life support in SLU hospital’s ICU. She had tried to find my number but his phone had gone missing the night he was shot. After 6 months of ups and downs, of being on and off life support David passed away on Feb 29th 2006 at 30 years old.

On May 9th 2006 TJ and I were married while on a camping trip with friends and Corbin. That summer we joined those same friends in Pittsburg, PA and lived there until June of 2007 when we returned once more to Marshall, MO. And in June of 2008 we found out we were pregnant after two years of TTC. I first started this blog while I was pregnant and you can find Jax’s birth story right here and pregnancy reports in my archives.


sara said...

You know this reads like a movie right? I can't imagine having to go through all these ups and downs.

Alex said...

Thank you for your follow. just read part 4. now I just need to catch up with the others.. can't wait.

AJ said...

Hope you enjoy it Alex.

And LoL, Sara, my Mom used to say it was like a soap opera for awhile.