Wednesday, October 14, 2009

-2= -7 total

That's right it's Wednesday and time for another weigh in. Minus two pounds more today for a grand total of minus seven pounds. And I am happy with that considering the birthday cake from this past weekend. So 7 down 83 to go. I can do it and I will do it.

On other notes, no post yesterday just because I had nothing to say. It was a long, boring, cold, wet day, with nothing at all worth talking about.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me Monday

This past week I most certainly did not forgetfully add some salad topper mix to our green beans which did not include peanuts and then I did not proceed to feed said green beans to my 8 month old before remembering the peanuts. Oh and I did not let him continue to eat the green beans after realizing my mistake. (Thankfully he was fine, no adverse reactions at all)
I also did not laugh hysterically when my 8 month old laid himself on the floor, flopped around like a fish, and whined pitifully. (If this is his idea of a tantrum I’m in for an entertaining few years)
I absolutely did not share a bowl of chili mac with my 8 month old then hope his father would get stuck with that diaper.
I did not wish it wasn’t my 33rd birthday already.
I did not cheat on my diet at all. Not me, I would never have birthday cake while on a diet. And I did not continue to eat pieces of said cake throughout the weekend.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today will be a very long day. It appears I need to invest in a bottle of Tyl PM again. I couldn't go to sleep till 2am and that was after going to bed at 10. I went right to sleep the first time, but after Jax woke me at 10:30 I just couldn't get back to sleep. Then Jax was up just before 7:30am. What fun. I am considering calling in to work tonight.
This morning is our local Parents as Teachers Down on the Farm. Of course it is cold and damp, but we will be bundling up and heading out to see the animals and take a hay ride. I will try for some postable pictures, but my camera is a piece of junk so no promises.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

My first attempt at this one, so bear with me.
1. First to get it out of the way, everyone around me seems to be in football mode and for me baseball isn’t even over yet. Kinda bugs me that the seasons over-lap like that, I am not a big enough of a sports nut to want to follow/watch two or more sports in one time period.
And on that same note: Come on Cards, get it together. I know ya got it in you.
2. I have been following several blogs for a year or more now. And while I really would like to do daily updates to a blog and possibly make new friends through it, I just don’t think my life is interesting enough or that I am funny enough for anyone else to enjoy reading this thing.
3. Today is picture day for Corbin. Hard to believe another year has past and my little girl is in third grade. I can remember third grade so clearly, how is it I have a third grader? A few weeks ago she put quite a large chip in her right top front tooth and I was going over this morning with her to please smile without showing teeth and hope to be able to fix it soon.
4. Yesterday for my birthday I think I got more happy wishes then in the last five years combined thanks to Facebook and all the old friends I have reconnected with there. I love being able to see where all my high school friends are and what they are up to, and pictures of their kids. In fact just in the last week one welcomed a new daughter and updated FB through out the day while his wife was in labor. I think it is wonderful how much closer we can all feel with the internet to connect us across the miles.
5. Jax was toothless until about 7 weeks ago and now the kid is breaking in his 5th tooth. At this rate by 10 months he’ll have all his teeth but his first set of molars. So much for my hope he would take after me and be toothless at a year, LoL.
6. Speaking of my birthday, I think I may be getting a ring from TJ. All week he has been asking about my ring size (which I was unsure of) then yesterday after a brief private call with his mom he stole my ring and left for about 20 minutes. MIL sells Avon and the have a beautiful opal ring I have been quietly eyeing for months now and I really hope that is what this is all about.
7. Wow, now I see even more how boring my life is. It is hard to come up with even 7 small topics to blog. But I vow to continue with this. And if by chance anyone ever starts reading this, I hope things can get a bit more interesting.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy birthday to me.

Will today is my 33rd birthday and the last year has been great. My dreams for the next year are to meet my goals in weight loss and to continue on my wonderful journey through life with my family. For now I must cut this short as tonight is my 16 hour shift at work and I must start getting ready to leave.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well this morning was my first weigh in for my diet and I lost 5 pounds! I know I can't expect to keep losing at this rate but just hope to see a loss every week. My mini goals aren't very mini but would like 50lbs at least by March 1st and 75 by May 1st. In May one of my sisters is getting married and while I am not in the wedding party there will be the family pictures and at this point in my sad-low-body image mind I can't help feeling that at my current weight next to my supper skinny sisters and my nice health weight mother I will look huge and ruin the photos. That and there will be tons of family and family friends there that I haven't seen in years and want to be at my best. Also next summer is my 15 year high school reunion and before kids I was supper skinny like my sisters and want to show my old classmates that I was able to get back to a health weight after the kids. Of course these aren't the only reasons I want to lose the weight, there is also my health, and my kids.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a difference...

5 weeks makes! Jax now has 4 teeth (three on bottom and one on top), high speed crawls, pulls to a stand, cruises furniture, free stands for short periods, climbs anything he can, and babbles all day long. He is getting to be such a big boy. We go on the 23rd for a doc appointment, but we are estimating he currently weighs about 20lbs and is around 29ins tall.