Saturday, December 4, 2010

Life story part 1

Ok once again this is an edit/updated version of an old LJ post, which I will be posting in parts because 1. It is LONG and 2. I am so tired from this head cold I am battling.

Going to try to make this as quick, simple and to the point as possible for my crazy life.

Born Oct. 8th 1976 to Edward and Theresa M. Named Amanda Jill M. By age 2 my parents were separated, divorced by 3 and never saw my father after 3.

My mother worked crazy hours to support me alone and I spent most of my early childhood with my great-grandmother Mimi.

Mom started dating Jeff H when I was 7. He and I became very close and his family adored me from the beginning. They married when I was 10 and that Christmas I legally became Amanda H.

9 months after the wedding when I was 10 and a half my sister Paige Elizabeth was born. 2 years later we added Alexandra Lane. My early teens were spent helping my mom care for my sisters.

In High School I certainly wasn't a straight-laced goody-goody but wasn't the worst kid I knew. I dated 2 guys my freshman year. One, Toney was an off and on thing the other Britt was to make Toney jealous. Just before starting my sophomore year Toney left for the Navy and when he came home for my 16th birthday he asked me if I would marry him after I finished high school. I was thrilled and knowing my mother knew she would be too. She had always loved Toney because of his family. That spring he married another girl. So I went on a short one night stand fling for a few months out of my anger. Then I meet Chris a 24 year old paramedic/DJ. My parents hated the idea of me with such an older guy until they meet Chris and mom started pushing me closer. Saw Chris through a painful divorce and custody fight, then just after my 17th birthday he dumped me for an older woman. So once again single I decided to be alone awhile. The end of Junior year I enlisted in the Missouri Army National Guard as a Military Police and was being shipped off to Fort Jackson, SC for basic training. In St. Louis on my way out I meet Ben. He was shy, sweet, and cute. I fell fast. He was heading to Ft Jackson for his advanced training so we spent the whole long trip getting to know each other. I even got him going to church with me every Sunday so we could see each other, I am so luck my drill instructors where ok with it, I could have gotten into big trouble for it. After a bad knee injury near the end of basic I was given a medical discharge. When the summer was over and we came home we got engaged. He lived 3 hours away and between my busy Senior year, his college schedule, and his weekends with the guard it was hard to find time together but we spent at least one weekend a month together. I soon tired of hearing "Whatever you want you're the boss". I wanted a man with a spine to give me his opinion on things and not a yes man. So the weekend of my Senior Prom I broke up with him. I had been accepted to a prestigious broadcasting school in St. Louis and my parents had agreed to pay my way, life was looking great.
To be continued…

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