Monday, December 6, 2010

Life story part 2

Ok on with part 2 - life started getting sticky after high school.

Then just after graduation I found out I was pregnant. Some people pushed me trying to make me get back together with Ben but I refused, wouldn't even tell him I was pregnant because I knew he would insist on marriage. My parents then told me they would not pay for me to go to school, due to my not being able to work full time while attending.

That's when I met David. He was cute and sweet and told me he didn't care if I was pregnant. 48 hours after we meet I went to North Carolina with him. 2 weeks later we married. Within a few months things changed a lot, he was controlling and angered quickly. Then he started hitting me. At 7 months pregnant he sat on my stomach and tried to smother me with a pillow.

My son was born almost 4 weeks early on January 3rd 1996. He was named David Auburn L. III. By time he was 3 months old I had convinced David to give him to my parents and he signed papers that he was not his father and gave up his rights to him. My parents and I renamed him Bailey Joseph H.

I was with David off and on for almost 2 years going through the usual cycle of domestic violence. When I left him in April of 1997 I said it was forever.

That summer I lived in a battered women's shelter before going to Job Corps in the fall. I dated a few guys then left Job Corps to live in Kansas with Terry. While in KS I went to school and got my EMT and my CNA.

Within a year I was sick of the problems we were having and I moved to Florida to live with Stephen, who I had meet on a dating line. While living in FL I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromylagia. Loved my time in FL but missed my friends and family so moved once more.

This time back to Marshall, MO where I moved in with my best friend, Amanda. Long story slightly shortened I hooked up with a friend of hers, Doug, she and I got in a fight and he and I moved to St. Charles, MO.

On my 25th birthday I found out I was pregnant again. Was so thrilled this time. Doug was excited also and started hoping for a girl.

When I was 6 months pregnant we moved back to Marshall and my best friend and I made up. A few weeks later things got ugly with Doug and I and he kicked me out. So in I move with Amanda (best friend) and her son. We were both pregnant, she 6 weeks behind me and had a blast spending our pregnancies together.

While living with Amanda old friend of hers whom she talked about all the time stopped by to say hi while home on leave form the Navy. And of course I a sucker for military guys was immediately interested (helped that he was tall (6ft6in) and really cute). TJ and I spent as much time together that leave as Amanda would allow and I was hooked.

To be continued again…

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