Monday, December 6, 2010

Life story part 3

Now for part three:

On May 29th 2001 my daughter Corbin Jayne H. was born. Doug convinced me we should try to work things out for Corbin's sake so when I got my own apartment he moved in with me. Those the months were hell for me and all I could think about was TJ. When he came home on leave that September it just made things worse. I wanted so badly to be with him and the fighting with Doug got worse. In October I kicked him out and started talking more with TJ.

Then in spring of 2002 I decided to try to go to nursing school. I was so nervous about getting in. TJ came home on another leave and having him around helped distract me while I waited to find out if I had made it or not. Just before he left I got the news that I had been accepted. Knowing that TJ would be out of the Navy about the time I graduated nursing school, before he left we agreed to give our relationship a real try when he got home for good.

It was a tough year and I felt so lonely with no one to lean on when I got discouraged. I missed TJ so much.

Then in June 2003 less then 2 months before graduation TJ walked into Amanda's apartment. I was so excited I had waited to see him again for over a year, then he took me outside and told me there was someone else and he couldn't see me. I was so shocked I spent the first few days walking around in a daze. After waiting for 13 months to be with him, after 13 months of dreaming about our life together it wasn't going to happen.

I spent the next 6 months alone and angry. I didn't even want to try to find someone else. I just wanted what I had with TJ back.

In November I got the first news of David I had heard in 5 years. Still legally married to him I pursued this clue to his whereabouts hoping to finally get my divorce. David had other ideas. He convinced me that he had changed, that he had grown a lot and was a different person, he begged me to give him another chance. I refused for awhile but he wouldn't take no for an answer and he moved in with me.

In the 6 months we were together things where ok. We moved around a lot and ended up back in NC, but we didn't fight all the time and he never lost his temper. Then I got a job and he started stealing from my employer. When people started getting suspicious he wanted me to take the heat because with my clean record I would get just a slap on the wrist and he would go back to prison. I told him there was no way I would do that and turned him in.

Then I went back to St. Charles, Missouri, to live with an aunt, unemployed and broke, with little hope for the future till I can get a car. But TJ and I found each other again, we both free from our crazy exs and hoping to build something.

And this is where I ended this in 2004, so next up is my update on the next 6 years.

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