Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Me 1-18-11

Two weeks ago I resolved to get back on the wagon with my weight loss/ healthier me plan and set my goals. And I haven’t done 100% what I had planed but there have been changes.

Water - I went from 0 water a day drinking a pot of coffee and half-gallon of unsweet tea to 3-4 liters of water one small glass of tea, and I have been drinking my pot of coffee but went from 3 scoops of grounds to 2 scoops and today I will try just a half of a pot. So in the water front I have done awesome.

Diet - I set a meal plan up. On work days I did good. I ate everything I needed to for my calorie needs and balance, while not eating extra. On days off, not so good. I tend to only eat part of my breakfast, then eat dinner with the family which of course is not what I planned and often not that diet-friendly. But I have been watching portions on those nights and sticking to my no oil-light salt-light butter spray popcorn for snacks those evenings (which the kids love when I share).

Exercise - Even worse then the diet. The weather here turned very crappy (lots of snow and very cold). Then I had a bit of a head cold/cough at the same time so add in my asthma (sensitive to the cold) and I chose to not leave the house for several days. However yesterday I went back and started on my Lazy man Triathlon. The biking and swimming I should complete fairly quickly, however it will take me most of the 6 weeks to do the walking as it is 26.4 miles and I do about 5 miles a week of walking. I’ll try to keep you all posted on how I am doing there weekly.

However even with my half-a%#ed two weeks, I have seen changes and the scale moved some but the measurements have too.

Jan 4th -




Jan 18th




That is 4 inches in two weeks. Not bad for not giving it a full effort. So here goes the next two weeks with more exercise and staying on plan with my meals more.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Me Jan 2011

Ok. I know it has been a minute, but December turned into a very busy month for us and now things are calming down again.
I had to give up my workouts for a few weeks due to a minor foot injury and Monday was my first day back. So I am trying to focus less on lbs and more on in or clothing size for tracking as lbs lost have been disappointing but I have been losing in and toning up. So yesterday I did my weights first and followed with a 5 minute warm up on the stationary bike before doing 20 minutes of HIIT and a 5 minute cool down. I am hoping that by using HIIT I can see as much if not more results then I was seeing with doing a 45 minute to one hour moderate intensity cardio. I’m also hope it keeps me from ending up with continuing foot issues.
Sooooooooo, current measurements are:
 Chest- 46in
Waist- 44in
Hips- 51in
Yup I’m a pear, mostly. Currently I wear a size 22 jean and XL top. I think I could be happy in 12s but would be thrilled to no end in 10s.

And some pictures in my workout clothes:

Thanks to Eschelle and Erin  for giving me the courage to do this!
I will change this and not return ever again!

Monday, January 3, 2011

15 years

This is going to go up very late on January 3rd but better late than never. Today is my oldest son’s birthday. Bailey Joseph is 15 years old. Wow, hard to believe it has been that long.

My pregnancy with him was my first unexpected blessing. I had just graduated from high school when I started a new job at Wal-Mart and was excitedly waiting to start school in July. I was to work as a cashier and during my training shift the chickie I was working with warned me that her and several other cashiers were just getting over a stomach bug. Sure enough, within a few days I was sick, only mine stuck around. After about two weeks of feeling quite green and not being able to keep much down, it was a question from and older lady that went through my check-out lane that tipped me off. The next morning I had a positive home test and I was terrified, thrilled and shocked. My families reactions varied but for the most part was better then I expected.

I ended up being very ill for about a month and lost 15lbs, which left my 5ft 9in frame down to 130lbs at about 3 months pregnant. I ended up bouncing around with my first husband and seen at 3 different OB clinics all of which got all worked up about the fact that I wasn’t gaining weight fast enough even though by 6 months I had evened back out at my original starting weight of 145lbs they refused to count those 15lbs as a gain and at every visit I was told I needed to eat more and gain more. By the end I was up to 180 after stuffing my mouth all day every day.

Anyway, at 32 weeks I started with preterm labor which was stopped with meds and again at 34 weeks. Then at 12:10am on the night of Jan 2nd or early morning on Jan 3rd my water broke. I was at the hospital around 2am with no contractions and they started Pit about 4am. Bailey was born just after 11am, weighing 6lbs 8oz 21in long. The nurses were amazed at his size and all told me he would have been 10lbs if he had waited till his due date. He received 9s on his APGARS and went home with me at discharge.

I did not get any hospital nursery pictures of him but will try to scan the first professional pictures. On his due date I was back in Missouri living with my parents and he and I headed with my mom into town to a WIC appt and to get pictures of him. WIC weighed him at 10lbs 1oz. My chunky, grumpy little man was always hungry and gave us the cutest little mad faces even though he rarely fussed.

I have to scan that first picture as it is still my favorite of him.