Monday, February 15, 2010

Jax Update!

He had his first birthday a few weeks ago and his one year check up the following week. He now has 8 teeth and seems to be slowly working on those molars. The week after his birthday he started taking steps, just a half dozen at a time to start, but now is walking everywhere. He has even started getting much better at turning and changing direction. He still isn't saying much, but really communicates well in other ways and understands so much. At his check up he weighed 20lbs 13 oz which puts him at 25th% for weight and was 30.5 in which places him at 50th% for height. This is up from 6 lbs 3 oz 17.5 in at birth. Also he took quiet a leep height wise as he was only in the 25th% for height at his 6 month check up and had grown 2.5 in in one month according to what WIC measured him as at 11 months. Here is one of my favorite pictures of my big boy from the morning of his birthday:

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