Saturday, August 21, 2010

8-21-10 Weekly update

With school starting back up next week, I thought I would start getting in the habit of a weekly update here. So I will try to report on something daily and post it all on Saturday, unless we manage to have a big day that calls for it’s own post.

Saturday - I was woke about 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off by Jax fussing in his room, which was odd because since we took a side off his crib (waiting for TJ to be ready to set up the toddler bed) he plays happily in there till I get up. Got up to see what his issue was and open the door to him complaining and waving his hands around while standing in the middle of the room. So I ask him what’s wrong and he points to his crib where one corner of his mattress is lower then the rest of it. He had removed a bolt which I then discovered he had in his mouth. Lord, help me this kid will choke himself at some point, I just know it. So while the kids ate breakfast Jax was all worried over Dad messing in his room tearing down the crib and setting up his bed. But all is well now and he is happy to go climb in and take his nap and to go to sleep at night. My little man is getting so big now.

Sunday- It was a quiet morning at home. But work was insane, I ran my butt off dealing with one issue after another and by the end of the night both knees and my bad ankle were aching. Hope the rest of the week goes smoother.

Monday- I was feeling so stiff and sore from Sunday, I ended up calling in sick to work and having a nice quiet day at home.

Tuesday- Ok another Jax funny. Today he knocked over a kitchen chair so I ran in to ask him if he was ok and he is all upset and yelling his babble while pointing at the chair. So I say “yes you tipped the chair over but are you alright?” and he keeps on complaining. Finally I fix the chair upright and he stops, gives me a hug and says “OK”. LoL he is always more concerned about things then himself.

Wednesday- Just another simple workday around here. We really are boring. But I’ll do these weekly’s and maybe I can get on a roll and blog more interesting stuff once I adjust.

Thursday- Today was open house at Corbin’s school, but we didn’t really get much face time with her teacher. But I think she seems to have a similar personality to her last two teachers and they both were awesome with her, so for now I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Friday- This morning Jax and I went to a WIC appointment. He has the ladies in that office charmed. He tends to be quiet in public and just smiles so sweet when someone talks to him, so they all think he is an angel. Then this afternoon it was time to go get Corbin’s hair trimmed for school, then we all went out for Chinese for dinner. Came home and caught up on AGT with some popcorn then everyone headed off to bed.

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