Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pardon me.

I’ve been negligent with my blog, but I feel as if even my Twitter is boring and how could I find enough to put in an entire post. So here is a little update.

On the weight-loss front I am down 25lbs now since 2-1-10 and finally seeing a bit of difference, although I am losing my motivation because I want to see more faster. So I am trying to be patient and set smaller goals for myself to help.

Jax is absolutely amazing and shows us something new everyday. Tomorrow morning is his 15 month check-up. He runs all over the house all day long and loves to go outside to explore now that the weather has warmed up. On the talking front, he is saying lots now but needs lots of work on annunciation. Dad and I understand him though so for now we aren’t worried.

Corbin is almost finished with 3rd grade and doing great. She’ll be 9yo in just over a month and is getting to be so grown up. She loves playing with Jax and he thinks she is hilarious. She reads so much and was top reader for her whole grade for Dr Seuss week with over 700 minutes reading that week. On May 15th she gets to hand out programs at my sister’s wedding and is so excited about her fancy dress.

So that’s about it for now. I’ll try to update on Jax again after his appointment tomorrow and do a bit better with this blogging thing.

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