Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly update 8-27-10

Saturday- Such a busy day. Got up early and went out to a few garage sales with the kids. We found Corbin a few more things for school and Jax got a Lightning McQueen stuffed toy. Then back home so I could call my grandmother back to hear the latest drama with my cousin. Later the kids and I went out to lunch then to Wal-Mart for a few things. Jax got a late start to nap and it didn’t work well. But I did manage to go through Corbin’s closet and lay out her clothes for the week while he was down. Then we had a mostly quiet evening at home.

Sunday- Another busy day. Today we got up early to do a dress rehearsal of our new morning routine and it worked out great with time to spare. The rest of the day was catching up housework and a quick run to the library. Then after dinner Corbin and I did our nails and it was an early night to be well rested for the first day of school.

Monday- First day of school for Corbin. I really hope 4th grade goes well. We had a good morning and were all ready with time to spare. Dropped Corbin at school, then Jax and I went to the Y. He had fun at child watch and I had a nice workout. Came home did some chores and got ready for work.

Tuesday- Another smooth morning and Jax was so excited to go play at the Y again. Ordinary day at work.

Wednesday- Today I had to pull a day shift at work, so Corbin and I got up and ready while leaving Jax and Dad at home sleeping.

Thursday- Back to the Y. Pretty quiet day.

Friday- Jax and I had a long morning at the Y, because after my workout we went swimming. Then it was home for lunch and a nap, followed by a simple night at home.

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