Friday, April 1, 2011

Exciting News

I’m going to be an aunt!

Ok, I guess technically I am already an aunt, but this feels totally different.

My BIL (TJ’s brother) has a daughter who is 6 months older than Jax. But he and her mother were an off and on thing when she got pregnant and then off for most of the pregnancy. There was no family baby shower and the mother is not someone I have ever been close to. In fact my niece was 3 months old before we got the DNA results and nearly a year old by time BIL had gone to court for visitation. Also my BIL is not one of my favorite people. Yes I got lucky with my MIL in that while she sometimes annoys me, we generally get along but my BIL is a few years older than me and very irresponsible and self-centered and generally drives me bat-shit crazy.

Now my little sister is pregnant. And I am so excited! For one I adore Paige and we get along great, for the other her husband Eric is awesome and will be a great father. I’ve known Eric most of Paige’s life as he was just a few years behind me at catholic school (I also know most of his family well). There will be a baby shower, and there is no question of the baby’s parentage. But part of me thinks this is more exciting to me because this baby will be blood. I am done having babies myself, and hope it is a long while before I am having any grandbabies, so this niece or nephew will have a very dotting auntie.

Of course not to say I don’t dot on my niece (BIL’s DD). I certainly do. At Christmas I spent as much on her as I did my own children and last year I bought her tons of cute clothes while garage saleing. But I think there will be a stronger bond with this new baby.

Please tell me I am not the only one who feels like it is a bigger deal when it is your sibling’s child as opposed to your SO’s sibling?

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sara said...

I'm about to be an aunt again for the 6th time. Each of my siblings has (or is about to have) 2 kids. It's exciting to have a new lovie in the family!