Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We are going to be quiters!

That’s right, TJ and I are going to quit smoking. I have already cut my cigarettes in half in the last few days and only have 2.5 packs left. I will not be buying anymore.

We have both said for years now that we needed to quit, but now we both agree and are seriously ready. What is different for us this time? Jax. He says cigarettes, he says lighter, and he pretends to smoke things, like his French fries.

This I feel is the last straw for us. Yes, we both know all the other reasons we should quit like our health and the money we will save. And while Corbin has always asked us not to smoke and to please stop, she never showed an interest like he has started doing.

So I will quit and I will teach my kids that they should never start. Corbin already knows I regret starting, and so will Jax.

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Marlene said...

YAY you! All the power to you! Your lungs will thank you. :)