Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Me 1-18-11

Two weeks ago I resolved to get back on the wagon with my weight loss/ healthier me plan and set my goals. And I haven’t done 100% what I had planed but there have been changes.

Water - I went from 0 water a day drinking a pot of coffee and half-gallon of unsweet tea to 3-4 liters of water one small glass of tea, and I have been drinking my pot of coffee but went from 3 scoops of grounds to 2 scoops and today I will try just a half of a pot. So in the water front I have done awesome.

Diet - I set a meal plan up. On work days I did good. I ate everything I needed to for my calorie needs and balance, while not eating extra. On days off, not so good. I tend to only eat part of my breakfast, then eat dinner with the family which of course is not what I planned and often not that diet-friendly. But I have been watching portions on those nights and sticking to my no oil-light salt-light butter spray popcorn for snacks those evenings (which the kids love when I share).

Exercise - Even worse then the diet. The weather here turned very crappy (lots of snow and very cold). Then I had a bit of a head cold/cough at the same time so add in my asthma (sensitive to the cold) and I chose to not leave the house for several days. However yesterday I went back and started on my Lazy man Triathlon. The biking and swimming I should complete fairly quickly, however it will take me most of the 6 weeks to do the walking as it is 26.4 miles and I do about 5 miles a week of walking. I’ll try to keep you all posted on how I am doing there weekly.

However even with my half-a%#ed two weeks, I have seen changes and the scale moved some but the measurements have too.

Jan 4th -




Jan 18th




That is 4 inches in two weeks. Not bad for not giving it a full effort. So here goes the next two weeks with more exercise and staying on plan with my meals more.

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sara said...

Awesome progress so far, and good luck for this week!