Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well this morning was my first weigh in for my diet and I lost 5 pounds! I know I can't expect to keep losing at this rate but just hope to see a loss every week. My mini goals aren't very mini but would like 50lbs at least by March 1st and 75 by May 1st. In May one of my sisters is getting married and while I am not in the wedding party there will be the family pictures and at this point in my sad-low-body image mind I can't help feeling that at my current weight next to my supper skinny sisters and my nice health weight mother I will look huge and ruin the photos. That and there will be tons of family and family friends there that I haven't seen in years and want to be at my best. Also next summer is my 15 year high school reunion and before kids I was supper skinny like my sisters and want to show my old classmates that I was able to get back to a health weight after the kids. Of course these aren't the only reasons I want to lose the weight, there is also my health, and my kids.

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