Friday, January 16, 2009

37 week appt

Well as of this AM Dr. says I'm "a solid 2.5cm" 75% and baby is engaged. Not as much progress as I had hoped for but better then being at a stand still. He stripped me and I was pretty crampy this morning but not as bad now so not too hopeful there. He did say he hoped he'd see me this weekend, LoL I think he is in as big a hurry as I am. B/P was good, baby's HR was 155 and weight was -2lbs from pre-PG (he is thrilled with that). So for now I am off work tonight (Friday) and Saturday, then work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before I start my leave on Wed. Next appointment is next Friday, where we'll discuss induction for maybe the last week of January (I am hoping he'll do it again like with Corbin).

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