Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost 35 weeks.

Well tomorrow makes 35 weeks. Only 2 weeks till full-term and 5 weeks till the due date. Had my appointment Monday and everything looks great. Jax is big and strong. And I go back the morning of January 9th. Still digesting some news I got yesterday though, it seems my OB/GYN (who I adore!) has taken a 6 week leave of absence and his nurse midwife and the other local OB/GYN are taking his patients for the time being. I've told myself it's no big deal, I have quick and easy labors, it doesn't matter who catches the baby, but I really like him and his midwife is a bit ditzy and I've never met the other OB/GYN at all. I've pretty much decided to just go with the midwife since I at least know her and she'll be doing the rest of my visits, but can't help being disappointed. Hoping I can convince her to induce at 39 weeks like my OB/GYN did with Corbin, if I make it that long. I'm getting to the point where I look and feel like I could easily pop any day. Just trying to hang in there till 37 weeks so I can deliver here rather then being shipped to Columbia Hospital. Still doing great weight wise, 2 pounds under pre-pregnancy.

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